Love Transcends Space and Time

Interstellar is one of those movies that makes you question your perception of the universe. For some reason, it makes me think of my relationship with my mom especially when Coop sees Murph for the last time before she dies. She says, “A parent shouldn’t watch their child die.” I don’t think that any loved one should see another loved one die. It makes me cry when I see that scene. I wish my mom were still around today, but then again, she’d be really old.

In the movie, they talk about how love isn’t quantifiable since it’s an emotion that isn’t concrete. But love transcends space and time in the five dimensional tesseract Coop finds himself in after entering the event horizon of a wormhole. The five dimensional tesseract quantifies love since it turns the abstract emotion of a parent’s love for their child into a concrete one. One where you can manipulate the gravitational forces to send them a message from beyond.

This just doesn’t apply to parent/child love, but I think it also applies to romantic love. Let this be my tesseract that sends a message to my crush, telling her that I’ve had feelings for her ever since I’ve met her and even if I don’t see or talk to her, my attraction for her is still there.

This love is unrequited. And I think it might stay this way. Unfortunate.

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