Wow, a year with no updates…

A lot has happened in a year.

  • I was laid off last September from my technical writing job and discovered that it’s not as stable of a profession that I thought it would be.
  • I took two more semesters of English classes in an attempt to get closer to being admitted into the MA program at my school. I have just one more semester to go of taking undergrad classes until applying (again) to the MA program.
  • I actually applied to the MA program for Fall 2018, but did not get in because my undergrad GPA was too low. That’s why I’m taking English classes to increase my GPA. Let’s hope I do well next semester.
  • My crush (on the girl from last year that I wrote about) went away. And now, I’m crushing on one of my female professors and a girl from my part-time job that I have that helps make ends meet.
  • I stopped having time to do BJJ because of school, but I hope to get back into it. After breaking my toe, my BJJ routine went out the window.

I can’t complain about how things are going, despite the fact that I don’t have a full-time job. I love having free-time to do whatever I want. And I love taking these English classes. I’ve gotten comments from my professors that I’d be a great candidate for the MA program at CSUF.

I had to cancel my BJJ gym membership because it got too expensive. But I know somewhere down the line I’ll get back into it. My part-time job actually has me running around a lot, so I feel like I haven’t been gaining TOO much weight. Though, I am really out of shape now.

That’s all I could think of writing at the moment. I’ll try to update regularly.

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