It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged. I broke my toe doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu a couple of weeks ago, so I’m out for four weeks. I was doing a move called the kimura sweep from guard and the girl I flipped over landed on my foot and crushed my toe. I heard it crack in two places, but I thought that it was just like cracking knuckles. I didn’t think much of it until the following day when it hurt a lot. I went to my doctor and sure enough, it was broken.


I just woke up from a dream about my crush. It was about us getting married. In my dream, I was super nervous and excited waiting for the ceremony to start. I was asking the people around me if she was really there and shared my concern for her walking out on me. They assured me that she was actually there. They told me she was around the corner in the next room waiting for me. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress and a cute hat. It was a wonderful feeling until I woke up feeling cheated since it wasn’t real.

In actuality, I haven’t spoken to her in a month. This is done out of hoping my crush on her would go away, but time is only making it stronger. Well, on some days, it seems like it’s working. But when I have dreams like these, it renews my feelings for her.

I remember my crush telling me one time that she likes it when other people make the first move on her. I’m scared shitless to do that though. What if I tell her and she stops talking to me completely because she freaks out? Am I willing to take that risk?

On another note, classes start for me next week. I’m so excited! I’m taking some English literature classes. They aren’t literature classes per se, but they do fall under the subject English literature. One class involves learning skills to tutor reading and composition and the other teaches us how English “works”. It also serves as a linguistics class. I’m looking forward to going to school and being around people that are super friendly and approachable. I haven’t met one person at that school that is snobby or thinks that they are smarter than others. Everyone there is so collegial. I love it.

I’ll attempt to blog about what I learn in these classes to keep the material fresh in my mind. I might get too busy though since I’ll be working full time, going to school, and doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Breaking my toe doesn’t deter me from going. I’m actually looking forward to coming back… with a vengeance.